Red Gate’s new Scary DBA: Coming to a town near you

Grant Fritchey, The Scary DBA, has now taken the leap from being a Simple-Talk author and FoRG(Friend of Red Gate) to being employed by Red Gate as 'product evangelist'. As Bob Cramblitt finds out, it means that Grant gets more time to do what he enjoys doing; talking and writing about SQL Server topics that fascinate him, such as query tuning, execution plans, performance monitoring and backups. … Read more

Tracy Hamlin, Exceptional DBA of 2010, on what it means to go the extra mile

Tracy Hamlin has been elected by judges and the SQL Server community as the Exceptional DBA of 2010. The annual awards program, hosted by SQL Server Central and sponsored by Red Gate Software, drew the largest number of community votes in its three-year history. In the interview, Simple-Talk contributor Bob Cramblitt talks to Tracy to uncover the essence of an exceptional DBA.… Read more

SQL Search- The Search and the Sequel

It started out as an experiment to try to explore different ways of creating a software tool that people would want. It ended up as a tool that Red Gate is giving away to the SQL Server community in return for the contribution to the project of so many of Red Gate's friends within the community. But was it easy to do? Bob Cramblitt and Richard Collins went to find out by talking to Tanya Joseph, who managed the project that turned the concept into a product.… Read more

Exceptional DBA Josef Richberg: fighting cancer, but still sharing

Josef Richberg is an exceptional person: The Judges of the Exceptional DBA Award were quickly proved right in their decision to choose him, when he subsequently showed extraordinary resilience and determination in the face of an unexpected diagnosis of cancer. His determination to deal positively with a difficult life-event is surely a source of inspiration to all of us.… Read more

A window into the world of DBAs

In late May, before nominations opened for this year’s Exceptional DBA awards, I wrote about the top four challenges facing DBAs and wondered if the challenges mentioned in this year’s nominations would be different from those in last year’s. Those nominations are now in, and I’ve once again had a chance to review them. The … Read more

.NET Reflector Saved their Bacon: Chris Kapilla's Story

.NET Reflector is not just a handy adjunct to Visual Studio for developers to browse their assemblies and understand classes and methods; Sometimes it can have a vital role. Many developers have told us that, occasionally, it had 'saved their bacon'. We were intrigued and decided to find out more by offering prizes and cash for ".NET Reflector Saved My Bacon" stories.… Read more