PASS Summit 2023 – Redgate Keynote – The New Database Landscape – Revealing Shifts and Charting the Next Horizon

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Day 2 is here! Sitting here at the bloggers table waiting for the keynote to commence!


Note: if you aren’t into the whole brevity thing, you can view then entire keynote on YouTube here.

Carly Miechen – Redgate Events

Welcome to day 2. Let the Event team this year! (Great job Carly). Carly’s fifth PASS (first in 7 years!).  Welcome to the people watching on the livestream as well!

All general sessions will be available on demand after Summit! Within a few weeks. People at the conference get access through February.

Connect, Share, and Learn. Meet someone new in the “hallway track”. Best track at the Summit (and you can’t get the recordings!)

The Women in Technology Luncheon is today!

Now, the Redgate Keynote. Introducing the team doing end to end DevOp! And information from the State of the Database report. Live Interactive poll

Developer Advocate, Ryan Booz

Ryan sharing the love Redgate has for PostgreSQL.

Year was 2004, he was singing with the Four Decades. 

Next time there is Karaoke, this WILL come back up.

By 2018, he was hanging out with goats and learning analytics using the Microsoft analytics. Then he was introduced to PostgreSQL.

The rest is history, which he is actually telling us.

The elephant in the room! PostgreSQL!

In fact, he is explaining just how I feel when I am using PostgreSQL. Lost. It is really different. Different isn’t inherently bad, but it isn’t easy, especially as an expert with another platform! 

Ryan dug more and more into PostgreSQL working with Timescale. Found out, through seeing Grant Fritchey talking about PostgreSQL, that Redgate was doing more PostgreSQL, and that rest is history, with this wonderful person being on our team!

Head of Product Design For Redgate: Tushita Gupta

Sharing information from multiple sources, including our State of the Database Landscape Report.

Live question: How many database platforms is your organization using. (Oh how happy am I that that question was database platforms!)

Results: Most are using multi-platform. Nearly 1/2 of the people responding said they had multiple platforms. In our survey, these were the numbers we got. I (Louis) would not have thought it would be that high, but I guess most companies now have at least some applications (like HR, Invoicing) that they would have in the cloud.

Somewhat to save money, but that cost savings can increase complexity.

Live question: Where are your organization’s databases hosted?

Approximate results: Hybrid, 58%, On Prem- 32, All Cloud 11%

Matches up with our survey results as well:

This quote goes a long way to why we are extending Monitor:

End to end Database DevOps

Live Question: Has your organization used AI for database management? 40% no.

Potential gains through AI.

Provisioning, developing, integration.. Monitoring, and everything in between..

Test data.

Live question about where you get your test data. 60% of people responding use prod data for testing! Who doesn’t a little bit? 

“The ability to create the test database for what you need it to be, volume and type of data, would be really great.” Senior engineer at Applied Systems
Louis: This is very true, especially for reporting. Unit testing and knowing what values you expect to see in a result is one thing, but seeing realistic numbers is very important for reporting people to “feel” like the answers are right. It seems to be more important that proving the numbers to be right!

David Gummer – Chief Product Office

Scaling Devops to the scale it is needed.
Efficiency, Innovation, Compliance
You are only as only as strong as your weakest link
End to end Devops is what Redgate believes is essential for data professionals
Standardize software delivery, Automate where possible, scale with the business, Identify and protect sensitive data.
Worked with 91 of the Fortune 100.

  • Getting the most value: Needing to move fast and do more
  • Any Database: Needing to more cross platform
  • Anywhere: Working with the Cloud


Redgate’s Mission

Redgate makes ingeniously simple software that helps data professionals get the most value out of any database, anywhere.
Any Database

  • SQL Server
  • PostrreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • And more

Announcing! SQL Prompt Ai Assistant
Announcing! Redgate Test Data Manager

Test Data Manager
Simplifies creating reliable and secure copies of data. Generally available now.

Stephanie Herr – Senior Product Manager Redgate

15 years at Redgate. Started out working with databases, not a dba, didn’t have access to the production data. Building a new database that included employees, and started with a few rows in the test database, prod system had hundreds of thousands of rows.

Worked on my machine! I think we have ALL had this happen early in our careers.

Less so when the users started working on it. Not knowing that 100 rows doesn’t scale up to 100000 rows, nor 100000000 rows is a common newbie thing to not realize! Hence you need to be able to test with real sized data. 

Demoing how SQL monitor can show you an issue  started, and can see that there was a deployment with Flyway. Then you can get details of how to find and hopefully, fix, your issue.

But you need to test that fix, and will real amount of data (without just trying in production!)

TDM will let you fetch a copy of the data, mask sensitive data, and if you only need some of the data, fetch a subset.

Using SQL Prompt you can get some help with things that can help performance, and then prepare to release using Flyway!

Flyway works with the clone databases that TDM gives you, which lets programmers test with the real data they want!

All of this with full control over the migration scripts.

The migrations will tell you the details you want, like who did deployments.

Works with the common version control systems like GitHub, BitBucket, Subversion, etc.

All of this will work with various CI/CD platforms as well. Team City and Octopus were the ones I remember!


David Gummer Returns

What is next?Any database. Extending SQL Monitor to Oracle and MySQL. Full to end to end Devops support


And then on to Snowflake, MongoDB Cassandra

RedgateTDM Working with PaaS offernings
SQL Monitor working in a way that it only requires the Linux operating system.,
TDM Incremental images and additional integrations to fit into your workflow.
Using AI/MI to do more and more to help programmers
At Redgate we believe in the power of end to end DevOps!

Ryan Booz Returns

We have talked about the changing database landscape

TDM is generally available today.

Tomorrow is the community keynote, which will be about AI and ChatGPT. I will be back on the keyboard trying to keep up!

Big thanks to the folks who were on (and off stage) making the keynote happen!