Welcome to the Red Gate BI Tools Team blog!

Welcome to the first ever post on the brand new Red Gate Business Intelligence Tools Team blog!

About the team

Nick Sutherland (product manager): After many years as a software developer and project manager, Nick took an MBA and turned to product marketing. SSAS Compare is his second lean startup product (the first being SQL Connect). Follow him on Twitter.

David Pond (developer): Before he joined Red Gate in 2011, David made monitoring systems for Goodyear. Follow him on Twitter.

Jonathan Watts (tester): Jonathan became a tester after finishing his media degree and joining Xerox. He joined Red Gate in 2004. Follow him on Twitter.

James Duffy (technical author): After a spell as a writer in the video game industry, James lived briefly in Tokyo before returning to the UK to start at Red Gate.

What we’re working on

We launched a beta of our first tool, SSAS Compare, last month. It works like SQL Compare but for SSAS cubes, letting you deploy just the changes you want. It’s completely free (for now), so check it out. We’re still working on it, and we’re eager to hear what you think.

We hope SSAS Compare will be the first of several tools Red Gate develops for BI professionals, so keep an eye out for more from us in the future.

Why we need you

This is your chance to help influence the course of SSAS Compare and our future BI tools. If you’re a business intelligence specialist, we want to hear about the problems you face so we can build tools that solve them. What do you want to see? Tell us!

We’ll be posting more about SSAS Compare, business intelligence and our journey into BI in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned!