New site – and a special offer

SSAS Compare has a brand new website! The old page was thrown together in the way that most Red Gate labs sites tend to be – as experimental sites for experimental products. We’ve been developing SSAS Compare for a while now, so we decided it was time for something a bit prettier.

The new site is mostly the work of Andrew, our marketing manager, who has all sorts of opinions about websites. One of the opinions Andrew has is that his photo should be on every site on the internet, or at least every Red Gate site on the internet, and that’s why his handsome visage now appears on the SSAS Compare page.

Well, that isn’t quite true. According to Andrew, people download more software when they have photos of human beings to look at. We want as many people to try SSAS Compare as possible, so we got the team together for an intimate photoshoot directed by Red Gate’s resident recorder of light, Dom Reed (aka Mr Flibble). The photo will appear on the site as soon as Dom is finished photoshopping us into something more palatable, which is a big job. Until then, you’ll have to put up with Andrew.

We’ve also used the new site to announce a special offer. Right now, SSAS Compare is still a free beta, but by signing up to our Early Access Program, you’ll get a 20% discount when we release SSAS Compare as a fully-fledged product. We’ll use your email address to send you news and updates about business intelligence tools from Red Gate (and nothing else). If that sounds good to you, go to the SSAS Compare site to sign up.

By the way, the BI Tools team wasn’t the only thing Dom photographed last week. Remember Noemi’s blog about the flamenco dance? We’ll be at SQL Saturday in our home town of Cambridge this Saturday (8th September), handing out flyers of a distinctly Mediterranean flavour. If you’re attending, be sure to pop over and say hola.