RSS Feeds currently on Simple Talk

(Updated November 2017)

There are a number of news-feeds for the Simple-Talk site, but the icon to click on isn’t particularly easy to spot. It at the top of the browser window next to the ‘Log in’/’Log out’ link.

Now we have reorganised the site and it has become part of the Redgate hub, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the more important ones. The most important one for almost all purposes is the Homepage RSS feed which represents the blogs and articles that are placed on the homepage.

..which is good for most purposes but won’t always have all the blogs, or maybe it will occasionally miss an article. If you aren’t interested in all the content, you can just use the RSS feeds that are more relevant to your interests.

You can, of course, access any subcategory in the same way.

if you go to the page for the subcategory, TSQL Programming or Oracle for example

these can be converted to feeds by adding  /feed on the end.

You can follow any authors by getting a feed from the author pages. For example, if you like the articles by Rob Sheldon, Phil Factor or Michael Sorens, then you just go to their author pages …

… and then add a /feed on the end.

You can do the same for collections of articles.  Take the articles entitled ‘Questions about XXX that you were too shy to ask’. These are all tagged with  the word ‘too-shy’ which allows you to see the list.

This can be modified to make an RSS feed