PASS Summit 2023 – Community Keynote – AIOps and ChatGPT – Prepare to Ride the Next Wave

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Last but not least, the Community Keynote. Hang on to your hats, this is going to be an interesting ride!

President/Founder of SQL Skills – Kimberly Tripp

Surprised people make the Friday keynote. Agreed. This is hard and exhausting! On day to go!

Try to do your reviews as soon as possible. Then perhaps present to your team members

Get involved with a local user group!

Telling us how much she loves this community. (Louis: we have loved Kim for so long it is shocking. She was one of my first memories, her sitting on the end of the stage presenting about indexes!)

Retiring….after a few events..

Is that a quiz bowl picture in there? Couldn’t be?

Working on a book, amazing photography being shown!

Climate change is a part of the impetus. Wants to tell kids that being geeky is OK! Girls and boys alike. 

Does some “off-grid” real estate too. Funny image, going along with some of her underwater photography.

Thank you to Redgate (Thank you just as much!)

Visit the Expo Hall. Thank you sponsors

Introducing Ben Weissman

And then Melody Zacharias

Now on to the keynote.. but first..

Steve Jones walks out..

He ha known Kimberley for like 20 years. They were in diapers (hopefully because they were really really young, but that wasn’t specified!)

Kevin Kline, Joe Webb, and Paul Randal (spouse) come out.


Ben and Melody walk out

Introduces the future of Big Data Clusters. Ouch!

Generated welcome with Chat GPT.

It did not a completely terrible job after a bit of prodding to be more inclusive.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What we don’t understand can cause fear and anxiety.

Seven decades of the Turing test. It is used to determine what is AI. If an AI can seem human enough, it passes the Turing Test

New form of computing will likely touch every job in every sector

Top Fields in Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision

Not that AI will take your job, but someone who Is using AI most likely will be.

Ben is demoing a few uses of AI. Like Deepfake Tom Cruise.

Using Google Translate to describe an image, translated it to Armenian, and then back.

Not completely did it right, based on the way Armenian doesn’t do gender the same way, Then does this:

Ben describes them on stage, and no matter how he describes the image he wants from Dall-E, it won’t dress a man in pink, and the woman in blue.

This continued, even as he prompted the AI to say Ben was the man and Melody the female! It was weird and concerning really.

Is there something wrong with AI?

Common Challenges with AI

  • Data Privacy
  • Bias
  • Security

Or in other words.

People and Data are a large part of the problem

Gender: Common stereotypes, like color one might prefer, driving skills, etc

Lots of examples of bias in AI.  Often because of data that has been trained that way.

Bias by design.

Be as close as possible to the source, or to the training set? Not a lot of Renaissance images of darker skinned subjects. 

Do we predict obesity based on track athlete image? Or how to win a war based on ancient war images?

And of course, the common issue of correlation and causation. AI can make mistakes like this faster than humans!

Copyright issues

Creatives vs ChatGPT

What ChatGPT is created is based on other people’s work!

ChatGPT recently announced that paying customers will not have to worry about copyright issues with what has been generated.

Chatbot Evolution

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Data Collection
  • Learning a Language
  • Education/Tutoring
  • HR Assistance

Issue we see in Chatbots

Limited understanding and context, domain knowledge, and scripted response.

The are annoying and, as Melody just said, the don’t get sarcasm and people’s tone!

From Bots to Agents

Chatbots use scripts, remember nothing, and work in one app.

AI agents use machine learning, build knowledge over time, and work across apps!

Because they know things (based on data), they can help you better without starting over each time.

How can AI be used for good?  – Seguro Project: Empowering women experiencing domestic violence to take back control – SOS Children’s Villages (US Link provided): For over 70 years, we are the world’s largest nongovernmental organization dedicated to the care of orphaned and abandoned children.

AI can tutor children as they can learn what students know, help grade tests, etc. Drug companies can analyze diseases amazingly fast, review scans to find anomolies and find treatment plans. Can predict weather! 

And of course, entertainment. Video games with non-human players. 

How can AI help with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging.?

Using it in hiring, to be more fair.

Enhancing accessibility. Imaging looking at a product and it tells you everything about that product (like allergens, or possible issues, age of product)

Identifying bias

Language Translation and Interpretation

However, these work both ways.

Is this the terminator?

Short answer, maybe.

It is certainly changing skills, requiring skill shifts and upskilling.

AI can repeat repetitive tasks and focus on more creative task

Socioeconomic Implications: will affect some groups more than others.

It is not the terminator, it is the transformer,


Showing demo of Copilot (and it uses an app written in VB6 :))

Generated by AI messages to post on LinkedIn.

AI wont be taking your job

But someone who uses it will!

AI shouldn’t be the captain, it should be the Copilot!

AI as a team member.

Priorities for an AI World

  • Hybrid Intelligence – (missed this, but) Understand the tech and the real world needs
  • Domain Expertise – Need real expertise to automate it
  • Vision – Keep people informed, and tell real real stories of what is useful
  • Fairness – Be the change. address the bias

Better together

Regular research methods were better than AI alone, but when they work together, they are better together.

Using a non-Dall-E company, the image that was generated was more inclusive and looked like this:

What can you do today?

Foundational Knowledge: Low-Code/No-Code/ Fields of AI/ Ethical Considerations.

Get involved. So many areas you can get involved with.

Resources used in creating this presentation:

(from slides in presentation)
Photo by Matilda Iglesias:


Shoutout to all the new(ish) Speakers.

Thank you to the people at Redgate (Marcella, Steve) that help with the New Stars..

Slide generated by AI:

Thank you!