Blogging the DMV’s

Well, I am working on a project that is going to be a book on dynamic management views (and functions, but DMF is an interesting acronym, and objects, as in DMO, has a well known other meaning.  What I will post will be one object in the following format:

Name of object

Type: Function or View

Parameters: If it is a function

Scope: Really denotes how long the data’s life is for.  Many of the dynamic management functions are used to record some event, like an index being use for a query.  There is not usually (well, I haven’t finished cataloging them, but so far there is never) any way to reset the values without rebooting the server.  There are tools to use to mitigate the issue, (like Tom Davidson’s DMVStats tool that Kalen mentions here,) but the first time you look at the data in these objects it will be a bit confusing if you don’t know how long the data has been gathered.

Columns: A listing for all of the columns that are output by the DMV, including a description

Example Usage: A query or two regarding possible uses

Then finally, there will be a section of the book that has a list of ways you can use the DMV’s to diagnose common things about your server.

The book will be very reasonably priced (or not priced) and you will hear more about that over the next few weeks.  What I am asking of you (and you over there to the left) is for your comments/likes, dislikes, and especially query ideas.  I will include your query in the book (or coalesce it with others) and everyone who comments constructively will be mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book.  I will also include any links you might have to DMV related queries in the Bibliography (which already has 16 items in it from just getting started.)

I will be posting these to my site only, since comments there can be entered without a passport.  I will make mention of it on my blog and provide more loose commentary about the writing process.