SQL Database: How to Configure Active Geo-Replication

Active Geo-location is powerful magic for ensuring the high availability of a Azure SQL database, and for disaster-recovery. In choosing the best options, you need to accurately understand the value that the business places on the service you're running, long it will take for a secondary replica to be in synch with the primary replica, the importance of spreading the location of replicas widely, and the maximum tolerable unscheduled downtime. Just clicking all the options could prove to be expensive. … Read more

Questions About Azure SQL Database You Were Too Shy to Ask

You've heard of Azure SQL Database, you've nodded wisely in discussions and you might even have tried it out on some sample data. However, you have some nagging basic questions that would seem slightly ridiculous to ask in public. For all those questions that you're too shy to ask, Murilo gives a reassuring answer. … Read more

In-Memory OLTP – Understanding Memory-Optimized Tables

How do you get started with In-memory OLTP? Murilo Miranda first advises on the setup of the server and the other prerequisites, and, after explaining about the two alternative types of memory-optimised table and their stucture, then provides sufficient explanation to enable you to create your first Memory-optimised tab… Read more