Utility for Renaming Visual Studio Windows

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Gimmal has a wide array of products, and most of those products have gone through multiple releases.  This means that I often find myself running two or three instances of Visual Studio with different versions of the same solution.  Trying to tab between them while keeping tabs on which version goes with which instance can be fairly confusing.  Fortunately, there is a utility written by Erwin Mayer with some very cool options for renaming your Visual Studio windows to help identify them more easily.  I just installed it and I’m really liking it, plus it works in Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015.

Rename Visual Studio Window Title

Snippet from the gallery (click on the link above to see all about it):

This lightweight extension will change the window title of Visual Studio to include a folder tree with a configurable min depth and max depth distance from the solution/project file, or using special tags.

It can also be configured so that the renaming rules apply only when at least two instances of Visual Studio are running with the same window title.