Tribal Awards 2014 Winners Announcement

Throughout December, Simple-Talk and SQLServerCentral hosted the second annual Tribal Awards. With these awards, we let the technical community choose members who they felt deserved recognition by opening up both nominations and voting to the public. The voting is over, and the videos recorded, so we’re very pleased to be able to announce the winners for each category in the video below. The winners were decided by sheer number of votes, some won by a landslide and others by the smallest of margins. We’d like to thank the 839 (more than last year!) voters who got involved to make the Tribal Awards something special, and congratulations to our victors!

To make the announcement something special, we had various members of the SQL community record themselves announcing a winner for each category, you can watch the video below. It’s the community that makes these awards special, so it made sense to try and get the community involved in the presentations. Please watch, below.

Thanks again to everyone involved, here’s to 2015!