Ten Years Later

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It’s hard to believe, but Simple Talk has now been going for over ten years.

Thanks to brilliant pieces from our writers, hard work from the team here, and countless valuable contributions from you, our readers, we’re currently receiving one million page views a month, and sitting on a hefty 2,500 articles from over 370 different authors. The success of the site is everything we hoped for, but didn’t dare expect.

Of course we’re delighted with this success, but it has presented us with a problem. The original site wasn’t geared to the present popularity of Simple Talk. Because of this, and to celebrate our tenth anniversary, we’ve decided that now is the time to bring the site up to current standards.

While the old site was superbly designed and executed, it was based on technology that is now out-of-date and that can’t be upgraded. After being patched time and time again, it became byzantine in its complexity, making it almost impossible to deploy. There were also some areas we just weren’t satisfied with.

The search functionality was of little help, for example. It was difficult to add new content or revise old articles. The RSS feeds weren’t effective. Aggregators couldn’t find our authors’ contributions.

We yearned for a simpler way.

Thanks to months of hard work from the team, we’re now much closer to our original ambitions. Of course, the new site is naturally still a work in progress, so we’d like your frank opinions of it. Whether these are about appearance, usability, positive, negative, big, small – we have a web team who are keen to get feedback and act on it.

Let us know what you think here, or send over any issues you encounter to editor@simple-talk.com.