.NET Reflector & .NET Reflector Pro 6.1 have been released

.NET Reflector 6.1 and .NET Reflector Pro 6.1 have been released. You can download them from:


.NET Reflector is a class browser and disassembler for .NET assemblies. .NET Reflector Pro is a Visual Studio debugging extension that allows you to step through third party and framework assemblies, as if they were built from your own source code.

This release fixes several problems that were present in the 6.0 release:

  • Support for using a copy of Reflector.cfg stored alongside Reflector.exe has been re-enabled so users upgrading from 5.x releases will not lose their settings.
  • Fixed unhandled exception on exit of Visual Studio when .NET Reflector add-in used in conjunction with TestDriven.NET add-in.
  • Added better support for dealing with framework assemblies, which only contain meta-data, in the “Referenced Assemblies” folder.
  • Fixed problem where attempted decompilation with CppCliLanguage add-in would lead to display of a page on the Red Gate website.
  • Added option to activate .NET Reflector Pro to .NET Reflector menu in Visual Studio after receiving feedback from a number of users that it was hard to figure out how to activate the product.

For more details about the products please visit: