.NET Demon 1.0 Released

Today we’re officially releasing version 1.0 of .NET Demon, the Visual Studio Extension Alex Davies and I have been working on for the last 6 months. There have been beta versions available for a while, but we have now released the first “official” version and made it available to purchase. If you haven’t yet tried the tool, it’s all about reducing the time between when you write a line of code and when you are able to try it out so you don’t have to wait:

  • Continuous compilation
    We use spare CPU cycles on your machine to compile your code in the background when you make changes, so assemblies are up to date whenever you want to run them. Some clever logic means we only recompile code which may have been affected by your changes.
  • Continuous save
    .NET Demon can perform background saving, so you don’t lose any work in case of crashes or power failures, and are less likely to forget to commit changed files.
  • Continuous testing (Experimental)
    The testing tool in .NET Demon watches which code you change in your solution, and automatically reruns tests which are impacted, so you learn about any breaking changes as quickly as possible. It also gives you inline test coverage information inside Visual Studio. Continuous testing is still experimental – it will work fine in many cases, but we know it’s not yet perfect.

Releasing version 1.0 doesn’t mean we’re pausing development or pushing out improvements. We will still be regularly providing new versions with improved functionality and fixes for any bugs people come across.

Visit the .NET Demon product page to download