Finding bugs is difficult, right?

Something I hear developers tell us all the time is that they take pride in being a developer.and that bugs are a dent in that pride. Someone once told me “I know I have found bugs years later, and it’s the worst feeling in the world.” So how can you avoid that sinking feeling when you find out a bug has been in production months before someone lets you know about it?

Besides, let’s face it: hearing about a bug often means a world of pain, because it can take hours to track down where the problem is and more hours (if not days) to fix it. And during that time, you’re not working on something new, and that, my friends, is really frustrating!

So to cheer you up, we’ve created a Bug Hunt game, where you battle against the clock to spot bugs. We’ve really enjoyed putting this together and hope you enjoy playing it too.

Once you’re done with the bug hunt, we explain how easy it can be to find and fix bugs in real life, using a neat mechanism that we call Automated Error Reporting.

Play the game now.