Calling all developers building ASP.NET applications

We know that developers building desktop apps have to contend with memory management issues, and we’d like to learn more about the memory challenges ASP.NET developers are facing.

To be more specific, we’re carrying out some exploratory research leading into the next phase of development on ANTS Memory Profiler, and our development team would love to speak to developers building ASP.NET applications.

You don’t need to have ever used ANTS profiler – this will be a more general conversation about:

– your current site architecture, and how you manage the memory requirements of your applications on your back-end servers and web services.

– how you currently diagnose memory leaks and where you do this (production server, or during testing phase, or if you normally manage to get them all during the local development).

– what specific memory problems you’ve experienced – if any.

Of course, we’ll compensate you for your time with a $50 Amazon voucher (or equivalent in other currencies), and our development team’s undying gratitude.

If you’d like to participate, please just drop me a line on