Caption Competition

UPDATE: Congrats to Conan who won this caption competition with: “Darling, now that you’re working from home, you can just wear pajamas like everyone else.”

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Finding himself interrupted during work on his laptop, this old-timey gentleman and lady exchange a word. But what was said? That’s what we want to know! Caption this picture for us and win fabulous wealth!


Prize for the best caption is a $50 Amazon voucher.

To get you started, we’ve come up with a couple of captions ourselves, but we’re sure you can do much better. There’s no limit to how many captions you can submit, so get creative and comment early and often.

  • “It may be the wrong diagnosis of her bowel troubles, but it will cheer up the NSA to read it.”

  • “No darling, a million row table doesn’t mean you’re a Big Data analyst.”

  • “I know you want the database to go faster, but taking out the clustered indexes isn’t the solution.”

  • “I’ve got to go, you enjoy your night revoking developers’ access.”

  • “It’s clever, dear, but I don’t think the patient needed a SQL Injection.”

  • “The Islets of Langerhans? I wanted a cure, not a package holiday in the sun!”

  • “Would tablets do me any good, doctor? You know I’m more of a laptop person.”

Leave your suggestions in the comments below. The competition closes at midnight (BST) on Friday 2nd of May.