Caption Competition the Fifth

Update: Congratulations to Fatherjack who won this competition on July 7 with his caption “Little known fact: the ‘S’ in SQL used to stand for Semaphore.”

Once again, we call upon our readers to amuse and enlighten us by providing funny captions to peculiar pictures. This week:


  • When Trevor put his headphones on, he wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.
  • “Well, at least it’s not PowerPoint.”
  • The first ever wedding disco was a more sedate affair.
  • Oh Alfred, those speakers are so SQL Server 6.
  • Zelda, he’s just like this in the Forums as well, thinking that just because he can be the loudest makes him right.

Of course, you can do better. Show us in the comments below and fabulous wealth can be yours*!

*Providing your notion of fabulous wealth is a $50 Amazon voucher.