Caption Competition 8 – Captions Take Manhattan

Update: Congratulations to Dimitrios for winning this week’s caption competition.

It’s that time again. We present a bucolic scene, you tell us what you think is happening, a grand time is had by all. Something to do with computing would be nice, but we’re honestly not making it easy on you.


A few suggested bon mots to get you on your way:

  • It certainly wasn’t the best corporate teambuilding day, but it wasn’t the worst either.
  • Prior art is discovered for Google’s driverless car, including a military application.
  • As he opened fire, Nigel thought back to a more innocent time, before anyone made changes in his production database.
  • Fresh air and exercise was more exciting before the current obsession with health and safety.

Leave your entries in the comments below- the funniest will win a $50 Amazon voucher.