Caption Competition 4: Fist Full of Captions

Update: Congrats to rananjali who won with this week’s competition with a caption on migrations. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Once again we ask: What’s going on here? The best caption wins a $50 Amazon voucher. Computer-y answers for preference, but don’t let a lack of electronics stop you from dazzling us with your bon mots.


Some examples to set you on your merry way:

“You know what it’s like. Someone turns up to an interview in a long coat, they seem fine, but when they start the job it turns out it was a bunch of penguins.”

“When I said we needed cold callers, this wasn’t really what I meant.”

“Linux developers seek inspiration for new Logo”

“Residents of Antarctica hold press conference to protest about Global Warming.”

You can do better. Make us laugh, win fabulous prizes. Answers in the comments, please.