Caption Competition 2: The Captioning

Update! This competition is now closed. The winner was jkeefe with “Here’s a shot of our intrepid DBA personally testing the first-ever log shipping apparatus!”.


Some suggestions to get your comedy juices flowing:

  • “So long chaps, hope you can continue to cope without a written disaster plan!” – said the only DBA
  • “These shoes cost a lot of money, I’m not muddying them in the SAN Admin waters!”
  • “Down Devs, down. Stay away from my database.”
  • It had taken a lot of time and work, but finally Trevor’s out of office setup had the sense of occasion he needed.
  • “Could you just add one small feature?” shouted upper management, hurtling by.

Add your suggestion in the comments for a chance to win $50 in Amazon vouchers. Anything computer-related will help, but feel free to suggest anything.

The competition runs until 5 p.m. (BST) on Friday the 16th of May.