ANTS Performance Profiler 7.0 has been released!

Please join me in welcoming ANTS Performance Profiler 7 to the world of .NET.

ANTS Performance Profiler is a .NET code profiling tool. It lets you identify performance bottlenecks within minutes and therefore enables you to optimize your application performance.

Version 7.0 includes integrated decompilation: when profiling methods and assemblies with no source code file, you can generate source code right from the profiler interface. You can then browse and navigate this automatically generated source as if it was your own. If you have an assembly’s PDB file but no source, integrated decompilation even lets you view line-level timings for each method, pinpointing the exact cause of performance bottlenecks. Integrated decompilation is powered by .NET Reflector, but you don’t need Reflector installed to use the functionality. Watch this video to see it in action.

Also new in ANTS Performance Profiler 7.0:

· Full support for SharePoint 2010 – No need to manually configure profiling for the latest version of SharePoint

· Full support for IIS Express

· Azure and Amazon EC2 support, enabling you to profile in the cloud

Please click here, for more details about the ANTS Performance Profiler 7.0.