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Advance warning: .NET Reflector download site will be unavailable overnight Sept 5th – 6th 2009

Our hosting provider is moving, yes physically moving, the server that hosts the .NET Reflector download site between facilities. This means that it could be unavailable for up to 6 hours. Last time they moved one of our servers it was actually only down for 2 hours, but they prefer to give us the worst case scenario for obvious reasons.

The downtime, depending on where you are, will be between:

  • 0000 on Sunday 6th – 0600 on Sunday 6th (BST)
  • 1900 on Saturday 5th – 0100 on Sunday 6th (EDT)
  • 1600 on Saturday 5h – 2200 on Saturday 5th (PDT)

I’m assured that this move is absolutely necessary, and I apologise for any inconvenience it might cause you.