Timothy Ford

Tim is a SQL Server MVP, and has been working with SQL Server for over ten years. He is the co-founder of SQL Cruise, LLC, a training company for SQL Server specializing in deep-dive sessions for small groups, hosted in exotic and alternative locations throughout the world. He is also a Senior SQL Server Professional for Next Wave Logistics, Inc. and is the owner and Lead Consultant for B-Side Consulting, LLC.
He's been writing about technology since 2007 for a variety of websites and maintains his own blog at http://thesqlagentman.com/ covering SQL as well as telecommuting and professional development topics. Tim is an established SQL Server Community Speaker and long-term volunteer in the technical community, having held positions in the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) since 2002. He has also been leading the West Michigan SQL Server User Group (WMSSUG) since 2008.
When not neck-deep in technology, Tim spends his time travelling with his wife, Amy and sons, Austen and Trevor, be it to Alaska or simply to one of Trevor’s tennis practices or Austen’s Boy Scout meetings. Tim is passionate about photography, cooking, music, gaming, and exercise, and either experiences or writes about them often.

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30 September 2010
30 September 2010

Investigating Transactions Using Dynamic Management Objects

There can be a great difference in the performance of a particular routine in a test database, and in a fully loaded production system. When you hit performance problems in a database under load, and there is excessive locking and blocking, how can you determine exactly where the problems lie, in order to fix them? Read on...… Read more