Anand Joshi

Anand Joshi has over 22 years of software industry experience, with 11+ years in architecture and design for Java/JEE systems. Anand has architected and designed applications based on micro-services, and has worked in various roles including product developer, designer, software architect, and infrastructure architect. He has been working with Persistent Systems Limited since October 2015.

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Yogesh Bhate

Yogesh Bhate has over 19 years of software industry experience in architecting, designing, and developing large-scale business applications. Yogesh has experience in deployment design, integration architecture, performance, and scalability testing. He has a very strong background in data intensive applications, and is currently he is involved in designing/developing applications on Big Data technologies. Yogesh has been working with Persistent Systems Limited since September 2005.

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and 19 September 2017
and 19 September 2017

Overcoming the Challenges of Microservices and Docker Containerisation

A microservice architecture can provide great benefits to certain types of applications that have pronounced troughs and peaks in demand, such as web-based shopping apps. With containerization, there is the promise of deploying containerized services in a matter of seconds to deal with demand. Has the Docker ecosystem now reached the level of maturity to allow this type of application to become standard practice?… Read more