I've been using SQL Packager for today and it really has ended the week on a good note! I've had so many problems getting our database out to customers/testers using SQL scripts, even though I've tried to make everything as simple as possible. Nothing however could be as easy as packaging it all up in a single .ex

Richard Bysouth, Technical Lead, AJB Systems

SQL Packager is one of the most useful tools I have ever seen. The ability to pack the database schema and data of preconfigured lookup tables is great. I have tested it using one of our customer databases and it works fine. The new database has been installed correctly on the new server.

Thomas Stensitzki, iComCept GmbH

SQL Packager is a superb tool and one that I will recommend...very useful and superb for developers like myself who need to release database changes on a regular basis. Invaluable tool to have and I will spread the word on how good it is.

Gregor Suttie

I think it's great how it packages the changes into a single, executable file and lets you specify the target database when running that EXE. It's super-easy and should save us about 30 minutes in clean-up every time we install a new or updated database.

J. Ambrose Little, ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider and Web Architect at GTE Federal Credit Union

In short, I was extremely impressed with SQL Packager. Any piece of software should be a tool that allows you to get a job done more easily. It should be easy to use, and should save you time and effort, and this is something that SQL Packager achieves perfectly. It is incredibly easy to use, yet still allows access to all the configuration options that might be required by an advanced user. It fits very well into the Windows ethos where users have become accustomed to, and therefore have come to expect, software that does 'the right thing' at the click of a button without a lot of fuss or complaining error messages.

Bart Read (prior to joining Red Gate)

Very useful and easy to use tool for SQL administrators to create and distribute a package of a fresh database and upgrades, with or without application installations.

Nilesh Thatte, HBI Consulting Ltd

SQL Packager enables us to create updates to our database structure and/or data and package them up in one small, compact, executable file. This executable file can then be run against any of our SQL Servers to bring it up to date – all in one simple step!

James Burns, Microsoft Associate Expert and DBA with a UK-based charitable organization
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