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I'm Jeremiah Peschka. I like waffles. Thanks to Red Gate I have more time to eat waffles.

Jeremiah Peschka,

Red Gate's SQL Source Control gives us the ability to track and document changes, while SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare have enabled us to bring SQL Server to the continuous integration party that the rest of the department depend on. SQL Prompt and SQL Search have increased the productivity of our database developers and everyone is excited about SQL Test as it allows us to complete our agile Test Driven Development journey.

Philip Bates, Senior Database Developer,

After a bit of research comparing a number of alternatives on the market, we made the decision to use SQL Data Compare on a project when we needed a way to minimize the risks associated with migrating data between two versions of a major application.

The ability of SQL Data Compare to show us upfront where the differences existed (both schema and actual data) saved us an incredible amount of time. It was speedy, simple and straight to the point.

Great product and value for money too.

Viktor Orekoya, Management Information Services Division, University of Cambridge

SSMS integration pack for Red Gate's SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare and SQL Source Control=win win!

Gregor Suttie, Senior Software Engineer, Pulsion Technology

In my personal and professional opinion, SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are absolutely essential for any SQL database administrator, developer, or architect, regardless of their level of experience. In a world dominated by ERP solutions and 3rd party SQL-based applications, it's frequently difficult to figure out what's happening behind the scenes. Red Gate tools lift the veil of mystery, enabling IT professionals to determine exactly how data and structure has changed.

When I upgrade our ERP this summer, I'm not willing to bet my career and reputation that data was converted correctly. But I'm also not eager to spend countless days and weeks verifying this manually. SQL Compare and Data Compare will transform days into minutes, weeks into hours. And I'll have confidence that my business data is both accurate, and in the right place. Add in the bonus of comparing and synchronizing Development, Test, and Live environments, and you've got a recipe for success for years to come.

Brian Pond, IT Manager, Border Construction

With Data Compare I am 100% confident that work I do on my SQL Server database while on the move, can be cross checked and synchronised with my server in the office with just a few clicks giving me an extra 3 hours productivity a day and no fears of a change being missed.

Robin Dewson, Technical Lead, Nomura International

We use SQL Data Compare daily and it has become an indispensible part of delivering our service to our customers. It has also streamlined our daily update process and cut back literally a good solid hour per day.

We are a subscription based service and report on prices realized for collectible/rare comic books from around the world. Each day we categorize anything from 500 to several thousand sales and need to update our remote SQL server with this information. This is where SQL Data Compare comes in. We keep track throughout the day of new sales and changes to previous sales. When we update using SQL Data Compare, we run two important comparison projects. The first has a custom where clause that looks for information in a local SQL table to tell SQL Data Compare which existing sales data has been changed or deleted. In this way it takes seconds to compare and update even up to several hundred changes.

We then run a subsequent comparison project, again with a custom where clause, that looks only for additions within the past 48 hours. Here too the process of comparing and updating is swift.

SQL Data Compare makes our job easier, at the same time delivering updates to our customers in a seamless way without having to stop the SQL Server or undergo nasty and complex update routines.

I couldn't imagine running GPAnalysis without SQL Data Compare, and indeed, any service/product that requires database comparison and synchronization.

George Pantela,

Just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how much myself and my developers at GovPartner appreciate your SQL Server Tools. At GovPartner we build web-based software for cities to manage their Building, Engineering, Planning, and Code Enforcement projects. We have clients all over the US and just recently went live with our software over in the middle east for the city of Abu Dhabi. Through our various versions for client and hosted application deployments we could not have done it without your tools, specifically the SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare products.

We can create SQL deployment scripts extremely fast and have them ready for a release within minutes of the build being generated. We use Data Compare to sync any system configuration changes, and then we are pretty much ready to go. Your software is in a word 'awesome'. Keep up the great work!

Jon Howes, CTO, GovPartner

I've been really missing a neat data comparison tool - SQL Data Compare Pro seems to be the answer to my prayers. I receive backups from customers and need to compare data with predefined datasets. My normal way of comparing involves these steps:

  1. I restore the customer backup
  2. I compare specific tables and views by using UNION ALL operation (it's a very tedious and time consuming process!)

The first thing I tried with SQL Data Compare Pro 6 was to grab my latest customer backup and compare directly against it. The result was impressive, and the GUI is really easy to use. This operation normally takes me hours (restore backup, then there's lack of diskspace and so on), but with SQL Data Compare, it took me no more than minutes.

Jan Hansen, Database Architect, Marel Food Systems

The compare Live DB to SQL Server Backup is GREAT! I used to routinely restore my backup files to a temporary DB to do this, and this will save tons of time.

Justin Webster, Software Developer/Technical Lead

I love the ability to compare against a backup file. I am unable to do data comparisons on production, due to the impact that would have, and the constantly shifting data, so having to copy a backup file to a different server and then restore it is a pain. Being able to compare to backup files is even better! Talk about time savings!

Benjamin Lam, Alpha tester of SQL Data Compare 6

We regularly deal with large sets of data in the hundreds of gigabytes. I have come to rely heavily on SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, and SQL Backup as my three most commonly used software tools outside of the standard SQL Server Management Studio. Just this morning, I was realizing how few bugs there are in the Red-Gate products, how reliable they are in doing the job and as it relates to the SQL Compare products and just how fast they are. My productivity goes up every time I use one of your products to help me solve a problem. Other things that I like about the products are how easy it makes my job and how good I look when I can accomplish a task as quickly as I can with the Red Gate tools.

I find myself a natural cynic when it comes to software written by others. With Red Gate, I can't think of any challenges that the tools in their current form or a recently arrived upgrade hasn't resolved. Thank you for producing a product that works, is reasonably priced, and a support team that shows their care of the customer in both their words, actions, and fast response.

Mike Gladden, Enterprise Data Architect, iLumen

Love your products, service, and support. I am only a two-man shop, but feel like I get a good deal for my hard-earned money when I deal with you guys. If I were across the pond, I'd buy you a pint of Guinness. Cheers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA)

Calvin Fabre, High Power Consulting, Inc.

One of the key draws for Red Gate tools has always been the price point and the rapid return on investment. The SQL Bundle has been a standard for my toolbox since 2000, across 4 jobs.

Peter Daniels, Database Administrator, InComm

SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are the best purchases we've made in the .NET/SQL environment. They've saved us hours of development time and the fast, easy-to-use database comparison gives us maximum confidence that our migration scripts are correct. We rely on these products for every deployment.

Paul Tebbutt, Technical Lead, Universal Music Group

All the Red Gate products I used are a delight - SQL Bundle and ANTS Profiler. Simple to use, powerful, fast, awesome. I told some of our DBAs that they MUST use your products. If you are a DBA and reading this testimonial, and if you don't use Red Gate's software, trust me! You should. I have never written a testimonial before, but I felt compelled to do so in this case. I cannot stress strongly enough how wonderful this company's tools are. THANK YOU!

Doron Grinstein, Technical Director, Information Technology, Walt Disney Studios

...SQL Data Compare has given us a first look test approach to ensure we don't get any surprises when upgrading databases. Our warehouses contain around 8 TB of SQL data so they're not trivial. Like I said, great product, great value.

Mark Hickin, Touch Clarity Limited

It's user friendly. Everything you need for comparison is right there on one screen. There is no need to move back and forth between menus and different screens.

Jim Orzel, Supervisor of Data Operations, Divestco

It's very intuitive. The interface is clean and it's obvious what everything is there for. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed. I usually hand-code SQL queries when moving databases between environments and doing synchronization and replication checking. With SQL Data Compare, I can save up to several hours for each database. SQL Data Compare v3 is simple, quick and it saves time. Simply put, it does what it sets out to do.

Jasper Smith, SQL Server MVP

Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I have a bundle with SQL Compare 5 and its partner Data Compare. I have used SQL Compare a couple of times lately when moving our new development stuff to live server to save time. Works beautifully.

Then yesterday we had to move our production server to another and bigger server. By using SQL Compare and Data Compare, we managed to move our 5 GB database to our new server with approximately 30 seconds of downtime... We just used SQL Compare to sync up the schemas, and then used SQL Data Compare when the old system was live. Then we took the system offline, ran another sync with only the changed data, and put the new system online. Extremely easy.

Morten Petteroe, CEO, Towah Entertainment Ltd

I have developed a small time-tracking system for my company. The development version sits on my laptop and the production version runs SQL Server 2005 on our network. Since the database is still quite tiny, I like to keep both versions in close synchronization.

After returning from PASS there was a difference of nearly 50,000 records.

Which was faster? Backing up and restoring, or running Red Gate Data Compare? Of course there was no contest; Data Compare had the systems synchronized before I would have finished typing out the T-SQL backup command.

Michael Garstin, SQL Server Support Technical Lead, VMC Canada
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