We make the world's most trusted tools for shipping changes to your database.

Our tools are technically challenging to make, but really intuitive to use – a philosophy we call ingeniously simple.

Some stats about Redgate

275 Redgaters and counting

15 years old

202,000 customers

4 coffee machines

91% of the Fortune 100 use our tools

4m website visits each year

295 product releases so far this year

71 User Groups sponsored in 2014

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The History of Redgate



  • We hire an office instead of Neil's bedroom.


  • Tool number two is ANTS Load, a .NET load tester.



  • We build the first version of SQL Compare. Today, it's used by 71% of the Fortune 100.


  • Our 15th Redgater! (These days we're coming up for 300.)


  • We launch Simple Talk, a technical journal for Microsoft technology professionals. Today it has over 400,000 subscribers.


  • We release SQL Backup Pro, now the industry-standard 3rd party backup tool for SQL Server.
  • Redgate buys SQLServerCentral.com, the leading education community for SQL Server. It's still run by the inimitable Steve Jones.


  • We place highly in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies To Work For. It's the first of seven years in a row.



  • We move into our current home, affectionately known as Redgate Towers.



  • We decide to charge for .NET Reflector 7. After a strident reaction from the community, we release v6 of the tool for free.
  • Tom Curtis opens our Pasadena, CA office.
  • We run our first training conference: SQL in the City London. It's a roaring success, and now SQL in the City tours the UK and US each year.
  • We do not send a DBA to space. It costs a squillion pounds.


  • We move from ‘big bang’ releases to small, frequent releases – and ship 525 updates to our tools this year. That’s four times as many as 2011.


  • Co-founder Neil returns to full-time study – Simon takes over as sole CEO.




  • Next year, we want to help every last database developer get their database under source control.
  • We want to stop the database being a second-class citizen.
  • And we want to make Redgate an even better place to work.

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