Compares database contents
and synchronizes differences

SQL Data Compare compares and synchronizes data

Do this and more with SQL Data Compare Pro:

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Video: 2 minute introduction video Video: 2 minute introduction video Screenshots: Comparing database contents with SQL Data Compare Screenshots: Comparing database contents with SQL Data Compare

SQL Data Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing and deploying SQL Server database contents.

You can work with live databases, backups, or SQL scripts in source control. With the command line interface you can automate tasks and schedule comparisons to easily create an audit trail. Damaged or missing data can be restored to a single row, without the need for a full database recovery.

SQL Data Compare helps you compare and deploy changes quickly, simply, and with zero errors.

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With our full set of SQL development tools you can code fast, collaborate easily, and deploy accurately. Sound good?

What people say...

We use SQL Data Compare daily and it has become an indispensable part of delivering our service to our customers. It has also streamlined our daily update process and cut back literally a good solid hour per day.

George Pantela,

With Data Compare I am 100% confident that work I do on my SQL Server database while on the move, can be cross checked and synchronised with my server in the office with just a few clicks giving me an extra 3 hours productivity a day and no fears of a change being missed.

Robin Dewson, Technical Lead, Nomura International

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