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At LumiData, data is king and the king wears SQL Toolbelt

As its name suggests, LumiData knows data. How to collect it, how to present it, how to help customers. Find out how John Trumbul, senior software engineer, uses the tools in the SQL Toolbelt, including SQL Compare, to oversee and manage data operations for more than 500 databases.

Simplifying continuous integration and source control

Keep databases in source control and bring them under continuous integration. Discover how SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare can help.

Improving database development with SQL Compare

This paper gives an overview of the problems of database development, particularly those of change management and migration. It shows how SQL Compare, along with other Red Gate tools, can improve database development, testing, and deployment.

Schema migration with Entity Framework Code First

Using Microsoft's Entity Framework with a Code First approach simplifies database creation for application development. But there are still challenges around schema deployment and migration. SQL Compare can help address these issues.

Keeping an audit trail of changes

A brief outline of using SQL Compare to maintain a history of schema changes.

Using the SQL Developer Bundle in the Cloud

Find out how Trading Games Ltd. are using SQL Compare and the rest of the SQL Developer Bundle to work in the Cloud with minumum hassle.

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SQL Developer Bundle

With our full set of SQL development tools you can code fast, collaborate easily, and deploy accurately. Sound good?

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SQL Source Control boxshot

Version your databases with SQL Source Control, a plug-in that connects your source control system to SQL Sever Management Studio.

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Deployment Manager

Take the micromanagement out of deployment with Deployment Manager, a tool that makes the deployment process fast, reliable, repeatable, and accessible to your whole team.

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Schema compare for Oracle?
Works just like SQL Compare, but for Oracle databases.

Schema Compare for Oracle