A clear path through database deployment

SQL Source Control and SQL Compare now work together to help you rationalize database deployment without sacrificing control over the change process.

Control how changes are handled

SQL Source Control connects your databases to your existing version control system, making it simple to share development work within SSMS.

When it comes to complex database changes, such as table or column splits, SQL Source Control lets you provide reusable scripts that specify exactly how your changes should be handled.

Your scripts are stored in source control alongside the objects they modify and are applied whenever someone accepts your updates.

Deploy from source control

When you're ready to deploy, SQL Compare detects your development changes, along with any scripts that specify how to deploy them. It includes your scripts in the deployment script it generates, to ensure all your changes are deployed as you intended.

SQL Compare also provides a diagram of the change path and the option to review each script, so you have complete oversight of the updates you're making.

Repeatable, reliable, centralized deployment

Because your changes are stored in a single, central location, with instructions on how to apply them, any team member can deploy, confident that changes will work as intended and that your data will stay safe.

Try SQL Source Control and SQL Compare in your deployment process…

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