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What really impressed me was the speed of the comparison. Comparing two schemas is done really quickly, even with a couple of medium sized production schemas.

Alex Nuijten, Oracle ACE Director

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The interface of Schema Compare for Oracle is very clean, it's easy to use and it gives me most features I'm searching for. There is even a SQL Developer plugin for Schema Compare for Oracle (search for Schema Compare for Oracle in the SQL Developer Plugin repository).

Dimitri Gielis, Oracle ACE Director

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If you're looking for an easy to use, reasonably priced schema comparison tool for Oracle that allows you to fine tune the kinds of differences you're interested in seeing, then you need to take a look at Schema Compare for Oracle from Red Gate.

Bruce Armstrong, SimpleTalk

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Red Gate's Schema Compare for Oracle is by far the best schema comparison tool on the market; It now takes just 45 seconds for me to compare 6,000 objects in different instances of my database, this used to take 45 minutes in Oracle SQL Developer!

David Cardona, Technical Services Manager, Rostima

Red Gate's Schema Compare for Oracle accurately compared Peoplesoft Financials in 38 minutes. Embarcadero completed the same job in over 12 hours, and we simply couldn't get Toads schema compare tool in their DBA suite to even finish the job, it would just error out.

Jim Findlay, Database Manager, Public School Retirement Systems of Missouri

What a fantastic product! This really is the best tool possible to make database upgrades between different environments. I work at a bank and the rules here are very restrictive; every new database deployment is passed to a third party provider. The only way to ensure that we deploy with zero errors is to use Schema Compare for Oracle.

João Lopes, IT Consultant, Novabase

Schema Compare for Oracle has saved me hours and hours of my life! I have used Red Gate's SQL Server tools for years; imagine my delight on finding out that they now have Schema Compare for Oracle 9i. In the past all deployment from Dev to QA to Production was done through manually crafted scripts. Now Schema Compare just generates all those scripts for me, and they just work. I must also say that the ignore STORAGE option in Schema Compare is simply brilliant.

David Roberts, Software Engineer, Standard Register

We needed a tool to apply changes from our development database to a production, or testing database. Schema Compare for Oracle from Red Gate is the best I have seen.

Ben Abelshausen, Developer, Delta Media

I've been working with SQL Compare for years, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the look and feel of Oracle Schema Compare is nearly identical. This tool is already proving very valuable in my daily DBA activities. When I had a technical problem, Red Gate's technical support went above and beyond to help resolve it.

Dan Holland, DBA, Pacific Gas and Electric

I've used the product for syncing our databases and I like it very much. Works like a charm!

Mehul Vakharia, Developer, Rule Financial

Red Gate's SQL tools have saved me many headaches over several years, so I love that there's now an Oracle version. I need to compare schemas between three Oracle environments, and working with Schema Compare for Oracle is just great.

Mark Roach, Database Administrator, North Carolina State Employees' Credit Union

I've used SQL Compare in the past, but now we've got a potential project that may require the same sort of thing for Oracle. I downloaded Schema Compare for Oracle to have a quick look, and, just like SQL Compare, I found it very good.

Matthew Farwell, Technical Project Manager, SQLI SA

Schema Compare for Oracle made it possible for me to quickly and easily find the differences between our development and production databases, which had diverged over the course of development. The UI was so intuitive that there was no need to resort to documentation. I was able to download, install, and run within minutes and the problem was resolved that same day.

Jim Gregoric, Senior Software Engineer, Children's Hospital Boston

One word.... WOW!!!! Exactly what I'm looking for. With multiple developers possibly posting changes into a dev database, this allows me to generate a script to sync up and compare the two schemas. Works like a charm.

Al Drozd, Senior Application Developer, Hewlett Packard

Schema Compare for Oracle has dramatically improved the quality of our web application development and deployment process. Ensuring our environments are in sync has reduced the number of bugs we encounter.

Jason Sears, Enterprise Architect, NIC Inc.