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Continuous compilation as you type in Visual Studio

Speed up builds, get live feedback on coding errors, and update your browser as you type

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Introduction to .NET Demon

.NET Demon lets you...

  • Get fast feedback about any errors in your code
  • Recompile only code which has changed, drastically reducing build times
  • Run your application whenever you want, without waiting for a build
  • Update your browser as you type with LiveReload integration

Live compile errors

.NET Demon compiles your code continuously, so you see errors as soon as they are introduced:

  • The list of errors in your solution is always up to date
  • Quickly see the overall status of your solution in the build status indicator
  • Errors are displayed within the Visual Studio error list

Super-fast builds

.NET Demon replaces the Visual Studio build system, making it faster:

  • Your code builds as you type so it is usually already compiled when you want to run it
  • .NET Demon intelligently analyzes the impact of your change, so only code that has genuinely changed is recompiled, ensuring your solution builds more quickly

Automatic browser refresh

Integrates with the LiveReload Chrome extension to reload your tab automatically as you develop a web application.

Visual Studio support

.NET Demon supports Visual Studio 2010, 2012, and 2013.

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Further information and support

“We have 3 solutions with around 20 projects in each. Previously the application was taking over 2 minutes to compile, but now with Demon, it's ready instantly.”