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Free SQL Monitor SSRS Reporting Pack

The SQL Monitor Reporting Services Pack is a series of SSRS reports for users with servers and databases monitored by SQL Monitor. It provides handy examples of the types of reports you can generate from SQL Monitor's data repository.

The pack is available as a free download and includes these reports:

  1. SQL Agent Job Summary.rdl
    Summarizes the jobs that have run on each server, and shows their completion status
  2. HDD Usage Summary.rdl
    Simple overview of disk usage
  3. Memory Usage Summary.rdl
    Simple overview of the RAM used by host machines over time
  4. SQL Server CPU.rdl
    Shows SQL Server CPU% utilization over a configurable time period
  5. DB Size.rdl
    Shows database size over a configurable time period for a given database
  6. Server Info.rdl
    Shows general information about all host machines and SQL Server instances
  7. Top DBs by Growth.rdl
    Lists the fastest-growing databases
  8. Top DBs by Size.rdl
    Lists the largest databases
  9. Alerts.rdl
    List the number of alerts by server and/or alert type

Details of how to install and use the pack are included in the download.

NOTE: this pack includes a set of example reports, to show how SSRS reporting can work with SQL Monitor. It is not part of the core product, and consequently is not supported.

Pricing $1,495

10 licences $7,475

SQL Monitor is licensed and priced per server, with volume discounts available.

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