Performance monitoring, alerting, and diagnosis for SQL Server

Licensing and purchasing


SQL Monitor is licensed per server. 'Server' in this context refers to a distinct system running a Windows operating system with SQL Server.

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For example, if you want to monitor five physical servers, each running a Windows operating system with SQL Server, you will need a five-server license of SQL Monitor.

You only need one license per server you wish to monitor, even if you have more than one instance of SQL Server running or you have a multi-processor server.

We recommend you install SQL Monitor's Data Repository on a different server from those you're planning to monitor. You don't need an additional license for SQL Monitor's Data Repository.

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Clustered environment

If the servers you are monitoring are clustered, whether it's active/passive or active/active, you will need a license for each node that is running SQL Server.

Virtual environment

If you host the servers you're monitoring in a virtual environment, you will need a single server license for each virtual server that runs SQL Server. For example, if you have five physical servers hosting 10 virtual servers, you will need a 10-server license of SQL Monitor.

For more information about licensing SQL Monitor, download the full license agreement.


A single server license of SQL Monitor costs $1,119, but discounts are available for multiple license purchases.

SQL Monitor is also part of the SQL DBA Bundle, which includes six other database administration tools. Pricing starts at $2,395 for a single license, 45% less than purchasing each tool in the bundle individually. Discounts are also available for multiple license purchases.

SQL Monitor is a must have tool for developers and SysAdmins who look after SQL Servers. At a quick glance, it allows users to see various performance indicators which can be viewed historically to compare potential issues at differing times.

Gregor Suttie, Senior Software Engineer, Pulsion Technology

Pricing $1,119

10 licences $5,595

SQL Monitor is licensed and priced per server, with volume discounts available.

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