Redgate's SQL Data Compare 8 treats static data as real database

CAMBRIDGE, UK, July 16, 2009 - Redgate Software has released a new version of SQL Data Compare that treats static data scripts as if they are a real database, making it easy to hold both schema and static data in source control for faster database development.

SQL Data Compare is used worldwide to automate data migrations, analyze corrupted data, restore row-level data from backups, and compile audit trails of missing or changed data.

Source control pain relief

With SQL Data Compare 8, Redgate has added the ability to take scripted-out databases, both schema and data, and synchronize them to an existing database. The schema and static data are held in source control just as they are in an actual database.

"There's always been a fair amount of pain associated with maintaining schema and static data in source control and migrating them to an existing database," says David Atkinson, product manager for SQL Data Compare 8.  "Now, it's easy to hold both types of data in source code control as part of a more automated and efficient database development process."

In addition to its new way of handling static data, SQL Data Compare 8 shares a common workflow with SQL Compare 8.1, enabling more efficient sharing of comparison projects and an ability to move seamlessly between the two Redgate tools.

Seeing is believing

More information, a demo, and a fully functional, 14-day trial are available to show potential users exactly how SQL Data Compare 8 works. The new software is available immediately starting at $395. It can also be purchased as part of a discounted bundle.


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Bob Cramblitt
Cramblitt & Company
tel. 919-481-4599

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