Red Gate's new ANTS Memory Profiler 5:

"Freaking sweet" to find memory leaks in minutes

CAMBRIDGE, UK, June 18, 2009 – Red Gate Software has released the new ANTS Memory Profiler 5, which locates memory leaks in minutes and enables in-depth investigation of an application's memory usage. ANTS Memory Profiler 5 works with any .NET application, including ASP.NET web applications.

Beta testers call ANTS Memory Profiler "freaking sweet," "fantastic," and "very intuitive to use," but Red Gate wants developers to judge it for themselves by downloading a free trial of the full software at:

"Most profilers are insanely complicated and take hours to locate the sources of problems," says Bart Read, product manager for ANTS Memory Profiler. "Not so with ANTS Memory Profiler 5. Anybody programming in C# or VB.NET who needs to understand where their memory is going should give it a try."

Quantifying "easy to work with"

Red Gate says ANTS Memory Profiler 5 is easy to work with for the following reasons:

  • It walks users through the most effective workflow.
  • It displays information in a meaningful way, making it easier for users to interpret the profiling results.
  • It uses graphical representations to display relationships between objects.
  • It offers powerful filtering options that help users analyze even the most complex of applications.
  • What users are saying

    We have a known memory leak that took me about 4 hours to find using our current tool, so I fired up the new version of yours – Not only did I come to the conclusion much faster, but I found another one!

    Aaron Smith, IT manager, R.C. Systems Inc.

    ANTS 5.0 was the first profiler to profile our application without crashing. Not only that, it had a negligible memory overhead and no noticeable addition to run time.

    Harold Dubnow, Interactive SuperComputing

    It just works. The performance and analysis capabilities are far superior to any of the other tools I've looked at.

    Lau Bakman, software architect, Gladstone Health & Leisure, Denmark

    More, more, more

    A walkthrough, step-by-step demos showing ANTS Memory Profiler 5 in action, feature list and other information is available at:


    Image available upon request.

    Press Contacts:

    Bob Cramblitt
    Cramblitt & Company

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