Red Gate News - May/June 2014

Online library and academy for reliable database deployments

Database Delivery Academy

More and more database development teams are entering the world of continuous integration and continuous delivery. Previously seen as the realm of application development, automating database change management processes is becoming easier and resulting in more reliable database releases. Find out how to start automating your database updates with our new learning resources.

Including an online library of patterns and practices and a beta training academy, the database delivery learning program's four stages take you on a journey from the fundamentals of version control to automating deployments to different environments.

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Tool News

Database Delivery Academy

Unexpected database changes causing you problems?

Have you ever been surprised when two databases that you thought were the same turned out to have differences? We're working on a new tool to alert you to database drift in your environments so you can fix it quickly.

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Database Delivery Academy

Want to automate your database documentation?

You can reduce risks, help new DBAs, and help Business Intelligence teams by building documentation automatically on every change to your database schema. Jonathan Hickford explains how you can set up this process.

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Tool Tips

Database Delivery Academy

Getting the most out of SQL Prompt?

SQL Prompt can prove addictive for writing, refactoring, and exploring your SQL, but how many of its features do you think you use?

Technical author Tom Crossman shows some SQL Prompt tips and tricks that you may not know, including snippet placeholders, selecting in the Object Explorer and working with system objects.

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Database Delivery Academy

SQL Prompt Beta out now

The Beta for SQL Prompt 6.4 focuses on feedback we've had from customers, particularly via UserVoice. Let us know what you think.

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Database Delivery Academy

SQL Compare Beta - try it now

Our Developers are currently working on SQL Compare having full support for SQL Server 2014 and they'd love your feedback.

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