Red Gate News - August/September 2014

Ship often, ship safe: The (r)evolution starts here

Ship often. Ship safe.

Red Gate is just months away from releasing a suite of Database Lifecycle Management tools that, for the first time, will give developers and DBAs a complete DLM solution.

David Atkinson, Product Strategist at Red Gate, explains why this isn't revolution, it's evolution.

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Tool News

Database Lifecycle Management whitepaper

Solve your database deployment problems with DLM

Covering themes including what is Database Lifecycle Management, benefits of continuous delivery for databases, and the challenges of managing the database back-end of applications, this whitepaper will help you understand how DLM can work for you.

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ANTS Performance Profiler v8.6

New ANTS Performance Profiler v8.6, and what's next

ANTS Performance Profiler users recently saw some nice improvements to the timeline and source code view. Now Ben Emmett shares what's coming next and invites you to take part in shaping the tool's future.

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SQL Compare beta

SQL Compare Beta - try it now

Our developers are currently working on SQL Compare having full support for SQL Server 2014 and they'd love your feedback.

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Are you bad enough to join the DBA Team?

Grant wants you for the DBA Team

The DBA Team are looking for a special guest member - and it could be you.

All you need to do is tell us about your worst day with SQL Server.

If your story is the 'best' worst day out there, you'll be named and pictured alongside Steve and Grant in a special Christmas episode of the DBA Team, running this December.

And there are prizes too - you'll win tickets to SQL Cruise 2015 and a Red Gate SQL DBA Bundle.

Don't miss out on this chance to see your name in lights.

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Database Delivery Academy

Programmers with Class: an Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup devised C++ or 'C with Classes' in 1978. C++ has evolved a great deal over the decades; we spoke to Bjarne about the longevity of his creation and how it’s likely to change further.

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Database Delivery Academy

Attend a SQL in the City event in Seattle or London this fall

With three tracks of education and training to choose from, you’ll find the perfect mix of training to suit you. Whether you’re interested in best practices for database administration, top tips for development, or practical examples of continuous delivery SQL in the City is the place to be.

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