Redgate News - December 2014

Is SQL Server slowing down your .NET code? Find out with ANTS Performance Profiler 9

ANTS Performance Profiler 9 Christmas tree

ANTS Performance Profiler 9 is out now, with extra support for finding and fixing .NET performance problems caused by slow SQL Server queries.

If you’ve ever found that your .NET code was being slowed down by inefficient queries, you know how hard it can be to pin down why those queries are slow.

The new version of ANTS Performance Profiler shows you the execution plan for those queries, and highlights the slowest operations to help you identify the problem.

Product Manager Ben Emmett takes you through the new features in this blogpost.

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Case study

StateServ case study

Discover how StateServ perform multiple website releases a week

Redgate customer StateServ used to take a week to do new releases on their website. They had no version control, no capacity to reverse changes, and sometimes ended up coding in production.

Now they use Redgate’s Database Lifecycle Management tools and can do multiple deployments in a week. Data is stored and anonymized 53% faster and time to release new versions of their website has been reduced by 50%.

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DBA Team

Can the DBA Team save Christmas?

Grant wants you for the DBA Team

When a hospital’s mission-critical database fails at Christmas, disaster for the hospital – and its hapless DBA – seems certain.

With less than an hour to spare before catastrophe, can the DBA Team save the day? Find out in their 2014 Christmas Special – the thrilling conclusion to this year’s 5 Worst Days in a DBA’s Life series.

Plus, get your free copy of SQL Server Tacklebox, a ready-made armory of scripts and tools to help you protect your database. It includes 45 SQL scripts ready for use to protect your database, and 120 illustrations that guide you through 232 pages of practical examples.

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Database Delivery Academy

Bringing the database into the ALM fold

Dan Wood, ALM consultant and former enterprise DBA, discusses Redgate’s DLM tools, including new tools SQL CI, SQL Release, and SQL Lighthouse. He explains how they help you bring your database into your ALM process, by making your data tier a first-class ALM citizen.

Find out more in Dan's new blogpost, ALM meets DLM