Who am I?

This is the first post in my Red Gate Blog so I think I’d better introduce myself a little bit. I’m the main programmmer on the SQL Data Compare engine one of our suite of best selling SQL Bundle tools, currently I’m working on the latest version which will support the new data types in Microsoft’s recently released SQL Server 2005.

Also I work on several other projects internally like the Licensing and Check For Updates components. These are both similar in overall structure and it makes sense because of my experience in web based applications that I should be working on them.

I’ve been working for Red Gate since the beginning on 2005 and have over 12 years of programming experience in various languages, I could do a list of them but that would be tedious and boring, C# is actually quite nice to program in even though it does have a few quirks. One of my other favourite pet languages is XSL which I thoroughly enjoy programming so I’ll harp on about that from time time.

Hope you enjoy the blog.