What is SQL?

OK now to most of you reading this blog, well all 3 of you at least this would seem like a simple question. SQL is a programming language for querying databases. Well, it isn’t. SQL is a Query Language, as such it is not meant to be used a programming language. It’s all very cunning solving palindroms using SQL and other cunning things like writing adventure games in pure SQL but really that’s not what it’s intended for and not even very good at.

Some people may disagree but I think it’s about time that something like the CLR was pushed into SQL server as at least it sets boundries and enables people who like writing teddybear drawing SQL into a language better suited for actually performing the task. You may argue that extended stored procedures have been available for a while however the unlimited access to the SQL Server process and the ease with which you could cripple it made it for the guru only. CLR is for the masses and is by default protected and sandboxed so it’s effect should be limited.

I think the CLR aggregates and functions are going to be a big draw to the new version of SQL Server along with the XML facilities from a data type point of view anyway (which is my speciality).

Agree or disagree SQL isn’t a programming language and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Rant over :).