We finally did it!

We’ve finally done it! We’ve released our Exchange archiving tool after 18 months of research, development, usability studies and testing.

219,115 Lines of code
19,485  Subscribers to Simple Talk Exchange
15,144  Words of documentation
2713    Builds
1709    Issues closed
1289    Bugs fixed
300     Sales leads
290     Members of the SysAdmin Network
248     Days later than original release date
217     Virtual machines
100     % transparent end-user experience
44      Users installs of the pre-release
37      Usability tests
30      Dollars per mailbox
25      Projects on the build system
22      Test domains
16      Physical servers
14      Members of the project team
12      Knowledgebase articles
10      Testimonials
5       Minutes to install
4       Customers on day 1 of release
4       Published Case Studies
4       Days of release testing
3       Releases

1.0 Exchange Server Archiver

This is what it is all about:


If you are a bikini model engineer, please get in touch!


Michael Francis