Things could be a lot worse than you think

After glancing through the dozens of entries in the Best of the Worst DBA competition, Steve Jones and Grant Fritchey are counting their blessings. The competition was launched in September to find real-life dramas from the database world, the best of which will feature in a special Christmas episode of The DBA Team.

But, as Steve admits, it’s not been easy: “In the last two years, The DBA Team has been in some pretty tight corners. We’ve met a lot of bad people, seen some damn awful database situations, and I’ve lost my hat. More than once. But, boy, we’ve been lucky.”

Lucky because the entries have revealed that the database world – the real one that we all live in – can at times be even worse than fiction.

Grant agrees. “I’d like to thank everyone who entered the competition. I’d also like to say thanks for giving me some sleepless nights ever since. Only the sight of my Steve Jones action figure on the night stand has kept my sanity.”

Steve and Grant will be shortlisting the finalists over the next week or so, with the help of their fellow mystery judge.

Solving the mystery

The mystery judge is a mystery no more. Who better to join The DBA Team than a Special Agent… Secret Agent… SQL Agent? That’s correct, it’s SQLAgentMan himself, Tim Ford. Co-author of ‘Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views’, and the founder of SQL Cruise, Tim is a Microsoft MVP, SQL Server Professional and Community Leader. Well known as a DBA and SQL expert, Tim is a regular speaker at SQL events and the Lead Presenter aboard SQL Cruise.

It’s your turn next

Steve, Grant, and Tim will be picking through the tales of devastation, intrigue, and living nightmares to pick out the best of the worst. The shortlist will then be revealed and it will be your turn to step into their shoes – if you dare – and vote on the best worst day.

That day will then become this year’s final thrilling instalment in the adventures of The DBA team. So watch this space and prepare to play a part in choosing the year’s finale for The DBA Team.