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The news about the first day of PASS Summit

Once again, I have the opportunity to attend to this wonderful conference in Seattle, fully of new information about our loved database server.

Let’s try to summarize the new information I already saw in the first day and put here some links to you, so you can follow these news and I hope to fill you with the desire to be here next year.

Powerbi hands on

The powerbi hands on was very good and it’s available, you can download now, open the pdf and execute the steps in your machine, takes only one hour. Download from here: . When I have the full day version, I will update here.

Elastic Database pools

Now you can create a pool for SQL Azure database and it will scale up or down automatically. You can create one pool for databases or put several database in the same pool. A link about this feature:

Elastic Database tools

This is a set of tools for .NET to help in a scenario of SaaS. The demo was a ticket service that was offered to several clients. Each client, owner of a theater, needs to have a different database. When the client connects to the server, this tool can check where the database is for this client and make the connection to the correct database. Link about this tool:

Elastic Database queries

You can map several distinct databases as external data in a SQL Azure database and do queries across several databases. It’s a few similar with linked servers. The databases doesn’t need to be in SQL Azure, they can be anywhere. More on Elastic Database Queries:

Elastic Database Jobs

Completing the elastic scenario, you can run jobs across several databases. You will need this to keep the database schema updated. When you need to update the schema, you can create a job with the script to run in all the databases. More about Elastic Database Jobs: