Tech Ed 2006 Snippets: FoxPro lives

In the press room, Mary Jo Foley (from Microsoft Watch) was expounding on how hard it was to predict which articles would really take off and which would bomb. She would write controversial pieces on the latest hot topics, such as SharePoint, expecting a whirlwind response and getting barely a breeze. She then punts out a piece on FoxPro and gets completely inundated! Six months on and the article is still number 2 in her most-read articles list! So come on, how many of you out there are closet FoxPro fans?

I guess many such passionate communities exist out there, largely forgotten, as the rest of us move on to later and greater things. Funnily enough, Andrew Kelly mentioned FoxPro in my interview with him yesterday. Although he made the switch to SQL Server 7 I could still detect a hint of affection in his voice for old FP, “the ultimate RAD database”.

I have to say that I get a slight frisson of guilty pleasure to be sitting here at Tech Ed 2006, hearing all the latest buzzwords flying back and forth across the press room, writing and reminiscing about Visual FoxPro.

Anyway, back to the serious stuff.