Tech Ed 2006 Beer Break: The Miracle of Science

While taking a spot of lunch in Cambridge (Boston), I noticed in my trusty guidebook a place called “The Miracle of Science Bar”. It was not far away and apparently served “good beer in laboratory beakers” in honor of the many MIT students that frequented the place. As an ex-Chemist I was sold immediately, and instigated a campaign to make it our next port of call. However, I was undone by the inertia of my colleagues and we never made it. One of them even slipped into a reminiscence of a medical themed bar he’d once visited that served drinks out of syringes.

To me this merely served to highlight the incredibly thin line that exists between silly gimmickry (cocktails from glass syringes – pfffttt!) and something serious but also clever and fun (beer from glass chemistry beakers).

I vow not to leave Boston without drinking from the beaker.