SQLBits and Data in Devon 2019

This is my first blog in a while and I’m sorry it’s not a technical one.  You may be aware but I’m one of the SQLBits organisers which means that for the last few months all my spare time has been devoted to SQLBits organisation.

We were really pleased with how the event went and all the feedback has been really positive.  If you’d like to get involved in helping next year please email us at Helpers@sqlbits.com and we’ll add you to the list.  We can’t guarantee you’ll get to help all days but every new person who volunteers will at least get offered to help on Saturday.

What we should really be doing now is resting after the busy few months we’ve had but because myself and Jonathan (@Fatherjack) are fools we have decided to run our own event in April 2019.  Data in Devon (Formerly known as SQL Saturday Exeter) is running on 26 and 27th April.  This event is part of the Global Azure Bootcamp and is happening at The Jurys Inn, Exeter, Devon.

Friday 26th April has 5 MVPs running deep dive workshops into topics at the bargain price of £175 during March where the price goes up to £200.  The workshops are:

– BI in Azure by Alex Whittles
 Infrastructure as Code with Terraform by John Martin
– Machine Learning: From model to production using the cloud, containers and Dev Ops
– Performance Pain Reduction for Data Platform Projects by William Durkin
– Getting up to speed with PowerShell” by Rob Sewell

The Data in Devon “main event” will be on Saturday 27th of April with 4 parallel tracks and 7 sessions per track, with expert speakers from the UK, Europe and the USA. Attendance for the Saturday is free and includes all of the training sessions and plenty of coffee and other refreshments to keep you going all day.

Take a look at the session schedule and then sign up while tickets are still available!

Hopefully you’ll see something of interest and come and join us in the South West of England.  If not we hope to see you at another event very soon.