SQL Vs NoSQL – Win a Sombrero


In my article, Does NoSQL = NoDBA? I asked who would win in the battle for dominance for databases. Of course there are benefits to both sides, and a hefty argument could be made a mixed environment, but I’m done talking and want to hand the mic over to you. So, who is going to dominate a few years from now, SQL or NoSQL databases?

There’s a quick poll below so we can get some at a glance results, and if you argue your case and leave you email address in the comments, you can win one of 10 sombreros.

Who wins?

In the event that you need some prompts to really get in the combative mood in the comments, here are some statements that are definitely 100% true depending on your perspective.

  • NoSQL databases are the only databases capable of handling the amount of data that is going to be produced by Internet of Things.
  • Data Integrity is just a myth anyway
  • ACID requirements are sacred, businesses will never compromise on that
  • NoSQL databases will save businesses 89 trillion dollars* by 2016
    • *This figure may vary
  • Businesses will never be able to wean themselves off RDBMSs
  • Without RDBMSs, would there be Data Stewards?

This contest will be open until November 15