SQL Server 2022: How Auto-Drop Statistics Work

Auto-Create statistics is a well-known feature critical for the database performance. When one statistic is auto created, changing the table structure is not blocked by the presence of the statistic. An auto-created statistics is also dropped automatically when a schema change happens.

On the other hand, if the statistic is created by the user, any schema change will be blocked by the presence of the statistic.

The Auto-Drop setting on a statistic is a new SQL Server 2022 feature to change this behaviour. If a user created statistic is set with the auto-drop option, it will behave as an auto-created statistics: It will be automatically dropped if a schema change happens.

Let’s make an example using AdventureWorks2019. You can download it on https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/samples/adventureworks-install-configure?view=sql-server-ver16&tabs=ssms . Restore the backup in a SQL Server 2022.


Our example will use the table Production.Product and focus on the field ListPrice. Let’s see a sequence of steps for this demonstration.

1) Drop the constraint CK_product_listprice, otherwise it will block the demonstration

ALTER TABLE production.product
  DROP CONSTRAINT ck_product_listprice 

2) Check the existing statistics. You will not find anyone related to ListPrice field.

3) Execute the following query:

FROM   production.product
WHERE  listprice = 10 

3) Check the statistics again. A new statistic was automatically created for the ListPrice field.

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4) Alter the column ListPrice.

ALTER TABLE production.product
  ALTER COLUMN listprice NUMERIC(18, 2) 

5) Check the statistics again. SQL Server will drop the auto-created statistic automatically.


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6) Create a new statistics on the field ListPrice. It’s a user created statistics.

CREATE STATISTICS [mystats] ON production.product(listprice) 


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7) Try to change the schema again. An error will happen.

ALTER TABLE production.product

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8) Drop the user created statistic

DROP statistic production.product.mystats 

9) Create the statistics again, this time using the auto-drop option.

CREATE statistics [mystats] ON production.product(listprice) WITH auto_drop=ON 

10) Try to change the schema again. This time it will work and the statistics mystats will be dropped

ALTER TABLE production.product

Checking which statistics have the auto-drop option

A simple query can help identify which statistics have the auto-drop option and which ones doesn’t:

SELECT object_id,
FROM   sys.stats 


This is a simple new feature, but it can help in some scenarios of version control and automated deployment for database schemas.