SQL Compare 6.0 beta – read and sync to and from SQL scripts

We have just released the first public beta for SQL Compare 6.0. The full version of SQL Compare 6.0 is scheduled for release towards the end of June 2007. For the forum and download information visit http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/viewforum.php?f=65


So what is new in SQL Compare 6.0 beta?

SQL Compare 6.0 beta introduces a new data source. Until version 5.3 SQL Compare could compare and synchronize live SQL Server databases and SQL Compare schema snapshot files. Version 6.0 extends this with creation scripts. You can now specify a filesystem folder with creation SQL files. These are read in as a virtual database and can be compared with another database, or creation SQL files.

This is handy when you have some SQL scripts, and want to execute them in dependency order.


But in SQL Compare 6.0 you will also be able to synchronize to scripts. This means that if you develop on a live database, you can update a set of SQL script files that represent the database schema. This opens doors for source control for your database.

In addition to comparing and synchronizing to and from object-level SQL scripts, SQL Compare 6 contains many enhancements to its user interface. We have improved searching in the comparison results as well as in the detailed differences panels. We have also improved our project selection dialogs.