Simple Talk at SQL PASS

I just wanted to provide everyone with a “heads-up” on Simple-Talk’s plans for SQL PASS in Seattle. If you’re at the show and are interested in talking – maybe about writing an article, doing a short interview, to tell me how great Simple-Talk is, or just to give me a good slap, then drop me a line at, and/or come over and say hello at the event.

Anyway, this is what’s going on, in no particular order of importance.

Red Gate booth / Simple-Talk auditorium

Red Gate has a booth (No. 422) at the show this year and a section of that booth is given over to Simple-Talk. I’ve invited some SQL Server luminaries such as Adam Machanic, Brian Knight and Louis Davidson, to present short (15min), practical workbenches on SQL Server development and admin.

They are running roughly every 45 minutes throughout exhibition hours on the Wednesday (15th) and Thursday (16th).

If you’re attending the show, pop over, say hello, catch a talk, and receive a very exclusive Simple-Talk t-shirt – strictly available only to Simple-Talk readers! (Although if I have a lot left at the end of the show, all bets are off ;)).

Simple-Talk roving hack

That’s me. Armed variously with a simple Dictaphone or a full-blown camera, I’ll be roaming around interviewing attendees and key speakers, and getting their thoughts on the event, their SQL Server hopes and dreams, beer and rain in Seattle, and anything else that springs to mind. I’ve got interviews planned with Kathi Kallenberger, Brian Knight, Allen White and others.

If you’ve got anything you’d like me to find out while I’m there, any questions you think I should ask (doesn’t even have to be SQL Server-related) then send them to me at: I made a similar request just before I went to TechEd and the response was a big, fat zero, but I’m nothing if not dogged ;). And this time I come armed with prizes. A Simple-Talk goodie bag will go out to the first ten people to contact me with a suggested question.

Simple beer

Seattle is a city I’ve always wanted to visit. I won’t have too much free time, but it might be the only time I ever get there so I am looking forward to seeing at least something of its bays, hills and skyline.

I hear the city has something of a reputation for its brew pubs and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this is a particular area of interest for me ;). I will certainly be making time for the odd beer or three while I’m there.

Any tips for must visit bars and restaurants are gratefully received.

Oh yeah, the sessions

Of course, I will definitely be slotting in the odd technical session along the line. Benjamin Sigursteinsson from a company called Miracle is giving a “real-time performance” talk that I’m definitely going to check out. Kalen Delaney is always worth listening to. I’ve also never seen the great Joe Celko speak, so that’s something I’m certainly going to put right. I’ll report back on the highlights after the show.

Hope to see some of you in Seattle!