Microsoft Fabric: New Features you should not miss

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Microsoft Build was full of new features announcements and the fact it was so close to the Fabric May Updates only helped to overwhelm us with new features to learn.


A new and powerful method to expose data in OneLake for external consumers. A GraphQL API we can build using a SaaS service.

Check this video: Fabric Monday 38: GraphQL in Microsoft Fabric

Real Time Intelligence

Many may take some time to realize the Real Time Analytics experience is being replaced by Real Time Intelligence experience.

The overall work method is the same, but there are so many new features they decided to change the name of the experience to reflect this.

Some of the highlights:

  • New EventStream features
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • New UI for eventStream and Data Activator

Some references to know more about this:

Data Workflows

Data Workflows bring Apache Airflow features to Microsoft Fabric.

I still need to study this feature much more, but considering what I could identify, it seems it’s a more robust method to build DAG’s with parallel executions and workflows for notebooks.

Workload Development Kit

It’s now possible for any company to create a custom workload for Microsoft Fabric and deliver their custom solution to client through Microsoft Fabric workloads.

Check details on

Blob Storage Triggers to Pipelines

This is part of the real time intelligence improvements, related to the data activator.

However, it’s a long-awaited feature with a very special importance. Using this feature, azure blob storage can be used as a landing zone and automatically triggers a pipeline when a new file arrives.

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